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What can Dr. Joshua Coleman teach us about healing our relationships with our teens?

In our interview, he talks about how part of the reason why kids distance themselves is a change in culture. We also talk about how your co-parent can push kids away from you, and how you can begin to breach the divide even when it seems like you’ll never get your kid back.


In the Episode….

Joshua speaks from the heart in this week’s episode, making for a moving interview and great advice for parents who might be grappling with reconnecting to teens. In addition to the topics discussed above, we talk about:

  • Why parents and kids get into a toxic “pursuer/distancer” dynamic

  • How to talk to kids about college majors you don’t approve of

  • Why your adult kids’ spouse might be turning them against you

  • How to tell a kid that you don’t like their new significant other

Although it can be painful when kids push you away, Joshua tells us there’s ways to bring back the harmony. I’m grateful to Dr. Coleman for sharing his insight into this topic so that parents can prevent estrangement before it begins! See you next week!


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