Dr. Coleman is frequently interviewed in national and international media for expert opinion on relationships, parenting, and controversial topics.


Whether it’s for Sesame Street, NPR, The Today Show, the Atlantic, the BBC,  or The New York Times he provides sound and practical guidance from an informed and unique perspective.



Why Families Break Up
Dr. Coleman on NPR
NPR On Point Interview Featuring Dr Coleman and Atlantic Writer Jonathan Rauch
Dr. Coleman on NPR
Empty Nesters
Dr. Coleman interview with Michael Krasny on NPR’s Forum
Men are stepping up at home
Dr. Coleman on NPR
When Parents Hurt: Diane Rehm Show
Dr. Coleman interviewed by Diane Rehm
How Builders Are Catering to Multigenerational Households
Dr. Coleman interview by Wharton
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Americans Put Too Much Weight in Romantic Love
Dr. Coleman for The New York Times
How to nurse an injured parent-child relationship
Dr. Coleman for the Today Show
I Can't Stand My Stepkids
Dr. Coleman for Psychology Today
When the Ties That Bind Unravel
Dr. Coleman for The New York Times
What if he were your kid?
Dr. Coleman for CNN
Why Should You Stop Trying with Your Estranged Adult Child?
Dr. Coleman for Psychology Today
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