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Consultation, Assessment,

Strategy, and Coaching

with Dr. Coleman


The Consultation, Assessment, Strategy and Coaching

session includes the following:


  • A thorough history of your child from birth to present

  • Assess the role of others in your estrangement such as ex-spouses, sons- or daughters-in-law, or other family members

  • Review prior amends letters 

  • Edit or help write a new amends letter to your adult child 

  • Assess the role of mental illness or other challenges in your child as contributing factors to your estrangement, both when they were young and since entering adulthood

  •  Assess the role of ADHD, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, gender identity issues and political differences as contributing factors to your estrangement both when they were young and since entering adulthood

  • Evaluate the relative importance of prior “mistakes,” history, or dynamics of the parent-child relationship

  • Review correspondence to and from your adult child or other relevant people such as sons- or daughters-in-law

  • Evaluate the role of the child’s past or current therapist in causing or perpetuating the estrangement

  • Examine prior attempts at reconciliation

  • 45-minute Zoom call with the parent or parents to create a plan for going forward.

  • As part of the process, I will reach out to your adult child via email to see if they will correspond with me.

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