Psychotherapy Services

Besides his public speaking engagements, Dr Coleman offers private counseling in San Francisco or Oakland offices or by phone at (510) 547-6500.

Dr. Coleman has many years of training in helping people address such problems as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, success inhibition, and relationship difficulties.

He has an active friendly and empathic approach to help people overcome the obstacles that interfere with their success and happiness. He is committed to helping people gain control over their lives.

Dr. Coleman has extensive experience helping couples learn how to manage conflict in a healthy way, understand how to communicate their needs and desires, build a satisfying sex life, recover from an affair, and increase intimacy. He has helped many couples save marriages that were on the verge of divorce.

Have a specific problem and don’t want to do therapy? Dr. Coleman has years of experience helping people clarify their goals, identify and remove self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, build a system of accountability, and create lasting success.

Dr. Coleman has been successful helping people remove creative blocks, work through stage fright and other forms of performance anxiety, develop a unique personal perspective, and gain control over critical inner voices that serve to inhibit their creativity. He is a former student of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has written a soundtrack for the documentary “Center of the Storm” as well as soundtracks for numerous plays in the Bay Area. He is the recipient of numerous awards for his song and lyric writing, and has performed in numerous jazz, rock and classical groups in the Bay Area.