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*Dates will be announced for next session in 2021.

Email for notification. 

Facilitator Training for Support Groups:

We’ve received many requests for face-to-face contact in small support groups to ease the pain and  burden of estrangement. 

This training program will permit you to independently create and facilitate small groups, support groups, and meet-ups for estranged parents and grandparents for the purpose of learning / sharing / healing and ongoing support.

The training is also excellent for personal development and self-growth.


Curriculum focuses on the art of facilitation, conducting and structuring meetings, content based on Dr. Coleman’s books and webinars, and a variety of resource material covering skills and topics you’ll be able to use in your group. You will receive updates to the manual as additions are made. Marketing your group is included in the final session.  

Please note:  While you don’t need to be a licensed practitioner in order to do a support group or discussion group, you DO need to be licensed in order to call it therapy. You must make it clear to participants, unless you’re a licensed practitioner, that you are providing support not therapy.


In order to become familiar with the complexity of issues and variety of situations related to estrangement the following are recommended:

-Dr. Coleman’s book “When Parents Hurt”
-Upcoming book “Rules of Estrangement” (March 2021)
-Attending a minimum of two webinars and two Q & A sessions to become acquainted with the complexity of issues, and to gain an understanding of Dr. Coleman’s philosophy.
-Joining Dr. Coleman’s private Facebook group so you can be in touch with current issues and comments of the over 1200 members.

Training includes: Facilitator Manual plus five one-hour training sessions by Zoom with Barbra Drizin.  

Email for with any questions.

Please read the FAQ below: 

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Barbra Drizin, Facilitator Trainer

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