Why Facilitator Training?

We’ve received many requests for face-to-face contact in small support groups to ease the pain and  burden of estrangement. 


The focus of this training is the "Art of Facilitation" with the content being the arena of Estranged Parents / Grandparents and the variety of issues. The training program and manual will permit you to facilitate small groups, support groups, and  meet-ups for estranged parents and grandparents for the purpose of learning / sharing / healing, and ongoing support.  

Please note:  While you don’t need to be a licensed practitioner in order to do a support group or discussion group, you DO need to be licensed in order to call it therapy. You must make it clear to participants, unless you’re a licensed practitioner, that you are providing support not therapy.



In order to become familiar with the complexity and variety of situations related to estrangement the following are recommended:


-Reading Dr. Coleman’s book “When Parents Hurt” and his upcoming book  “Rules of Estrangement.”

-Attending a minimum of two webinars and two Q & A sessions

-Being a part of Dr. Coleman’s private Facebook group so you can be in touch with current issues and comments. 

As a Facilitator, you can choose a focus of your specific interest.

Training includes:  Training manual plus five one-hour training sessions by Zoom with Barbra Drizin.  

Please email barbra@drjoshuacoleman.com for upcoming session of facilitator training information.

Please read the FAQ below: 

Barbra Drizin, Facilitator Trainer

Program Details

Can I charge a fee for my support group?

While you are allowed to charge a fee for your group, you are unable to provide therapy or coach on an individual basis unless you are a licensed practitioner. You must be clear, unless you’re a licensed practitioner, that you’re providing support not therapy.

How Can I Let People Know About My Group?

The last session of the training includes a section on marketing. Barbra has a social media business and background in marketing. All facilitators will create a bio that includes their intentions for their group.

What is the fee? Attendance requirements?

Fee for the training is $379 and includes a manual full of content, discussion starters, activities, and ideas. You will receive updates to the manual. You must attend all 5 sessions and complete an *assignment to receive a certificate. *All facilitators will create a bio that includes their intentions for their group. (Exception: If extraordinary circumstances prevent you from attending ONE session, you must email Barbra at least 48 hours in advance. All sessions are recorded and replays are provided. We are excited you are making this important commitment, and participating in this training. We assure you it will add meaning and purpose to your life!

What will Facilitators learn?

Five week, one-hour-a-week session zoom session conducted by Barbra Drizin. Facilitators learn how to: · Present a topic and address issues identified by the group · Use practical, participatory methods to encourage group discussion and participation · Facilitate an honest and open exchange of ideas · Draw out and build on the knowledge of the group · Know where and when to introduce further information on a subject · Build relationships in the group based on trust, respect, and a desire to serve · Discourage advice giving unless explicitly asked for. · Recognize that the main value of the group is expressed in giving and receiving support, reducing feelings of shame and isolation, encouraging self-compassion. Extensive content on estrangement, healing strategies, and resources is included in the manual.

What are the types of specific interest groups requested?

Faith-based Specifically for Grandparents Specifically for Fathers Specifically for Mothers Parents of Sons Parents of Daughters Issues of Divorce Issues of Single Parenting Issues with Difficult Sons-in-law or Daughters-in-law Issues with Troubled and Difficult Adult Children By Location

What does the training include?

Training includes: Training Manual plus five one-hour training sessions by Zoom. We’ll cover the art of facilitation, how to structure and conduct your meetings, and content based on Dr. Coleman’s books and webinars. You’ll receive updates to the manual as additions are made. Marketing your group is included in the final session. There is access to a private "Facilitators Facebook Group."

About Barbra Drizin

Barbra has been working closely with Dr. Coleman since November 2019. She has a degree in education, as well as a certificate in Positive Psychology / Core Coaching from San Francisco State University. Her professional experience includes Principal of a private elementary school, Director of two International English Language Institutes, Human Resource Manager, and Social Media solopreneur. Barbra created Dr. Coleman’s private Facebook group, now numbering over 1000 members, facilitates book club / support groups, and presents the “Strategies on Living With The Pain Of Estrangement” webinars. Dr. Coleman certified her as a Coach for Parents / Grandparents of Estranged Children. She compiled the training manual for the Facilitator’s program.

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