Social Workers


We've created specific foundational  programs to meet the needs of the

Estrangement Community:

FACILITATOR TRAINING: We've received many requests for face to face contact in small support groups to ease the pain and burden of estrangement.  

THERAPISTS: Estranged parents can sometimes be a difficult group for clinicians to treat. In part this is because very little  has been written about how to work with this population. This mismatch between clinical training and client need is noteworthy because the pain of estrangement is one of the greatest challenges that most parents and grandparents will ever face. Dr. Coleman's workshop presents how clinicians can be the most helpful to those who show up to their office seeking help. 

CLERGY / SOCIAL WORKERS: More and more, estranged parents and grandparents, who are not aware of other options, are calling  clergy seeking advice, comfort, and help. 

Dr. Coleman's workshop enlighten clergy to this growing problem.

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