When Parents Hurt: Reviews


Rave Reviews:
“I LOVE this book. It is a necessary book that is written from such a realistic and compassionate perspective
that it is heart-warming. It deals with a real problem that is far
more pervasive than all the warm/fuzzy hype about family would have
us believe. The heartache of parents who don ‘t get along with their
grown children has to be the pain that keeps on giving—in
both directions. I don’t imagine it does wonders for the grown children
and the architecture of their lives and their approach to parenthood
to be chronically at odds with their parents. This book shows families
a new way to think about and structure their conversations with
each other.”

Hara Estroff Marano,
Editor, Psychology Today,
Author of Forthcoming “A Nation of Wimps”

“Most parents today invest more time, energy, and
resources in their children than ever before, in part because young
people get less from other adults and institutions than in the past.
In his exceptionally perceptive new book, Joshua Coleman explains
how this social dilemma multiplies the risk of disappointment, resentment,
and guilt, offering practical advice to help parents cope with these
intergenerational tensions.”

Stephanie Coontz,
Author of “Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage
and The Way We Never Were”

“Joshua Coleman’s book is a gift, offering extraordinary wisdom
coupled with practical advice about how you can come to terms with
your own and your child’s imperfections, rebuild a relationship
with your grown offspring, and learn how to accept that which cannot
be changed. If you are estranged from an adult child, if you regret
the way you treated your daughter or son, if your divorce harmed
your relationship with your kids, this book is for you.”

Steven Mintz,
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences,
Author of “Huck’s Raft: A History of American Childhood”

“When Parents Hurt is a wise and helpful book that I recommend
if you are a parent struggling to make peace with one of more of
your children. Dr. Coleman writes in a gentle and humble manner
that is clear, easy to follow and full of helpful suggestions and
compassionate understanding.”

Frederic Luskin,
Ph.D. Director, Stanford Forgiveness Projects
Author of “Forgive for Good”

“A unique, no-nonsense, insightful guide for parents
who feel guilty or deeply disappointed by their relationships with
their adult children. An especially healing, practical resource
for divorced parents and for anyone exhausted by strained, worrisome
relationships with their grown child.”

Dr. Linda Nielsen,
Professor of Adolescent Psychology & Women’s Studies, Wake Forest
University Author of “Embracing Your Father:Building the Relationship
You Always Wanted With Your Dad”