Marriage Makeover: Reviews


Rave Reviews:

“This is a radical book. It challenges some of the most dearly held American beliefs about marriage and long term relationships. It challenges adults to examine themselves and their marriages for ways to change in order to remain good parents and viable family units for their children. It assumes, in a matter of fact, professional and upbeat manner that it’s desirable and possible to overcome and learn to live with serious relational problems that most in our modern culture would consider grounds for separation and divorce. And it offers the astounding idea that having a marriage characterized by such ‘imperfect harmony’ can be part of a satisfying, happy life.”
-From the foreword by
Julia Lewis,
co-author with Judith Wallerstein of The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

“An original, provocative approach to the dilemma of what to do about the well-being of children in a less-than-wonderful marriage.”
Susan Forward, Ph.D.
Author of  Emotional Blackmail and Toxic Parents

“Coleman handles his subject with great care.”
The Chicago Tribune

“Psychologist Joshua Coleman has the power to single-handedly slow the rate of divorce.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“This book is a major contribution to the healing of our fractured system of marriage.”
Paul R. Amato,
Professor of Sociology, Demography, and Family Studies
Pennsylvania State University

“This is a much needed book about one of the most important issues of our time.”
David Popenoe,
Ph.D. Professor of Sociology Co-Director,
National Marriage Project, Rutgers University

“Psychologist Coleman steps back from the traditional assumption that spouses must find great personal satisfaction within their marriage and examines alternatives-apart from divorce-for those with children who are experiencing problems. Recommended for academic and public libraries!”
Library Journal

“Coleman’s words are a welcome antidote to unrealistic portrayals of domestic bliss.”
Publishers Weekly

“This book is a great contribution to the literature. It will significantly help people think carefully and thoughtfully about their marriages…It offers clear and concrete help navigating these challenging and important questions that plague so many couples and individuals.”
Jessica Broitman Ph.D.,
Faculty, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute

“Dr. Coleman has successfully managed to bring the reader beyond the black and white debate of marriage versus divorce into the rich grays of relationship and parenting . . .he has brought us a text which will appeal to a public desperate for new ideas about how to stay married with children. His book will also be invaluable to health care professionals eager to deepen their understanding of this complex topic.”
Dale C. Dallas,
M.D. Chief of Physician Wellness,
Associate Chief, Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Services,
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Walnut Creek