The Lazy Husband: Reviews


“The Lazy Husband” is the most useful book on family life I have ever
read, full of practical examples on how to change things for the better.
It should be a part of every course on marriage and the family.”
Barbara Bergmann,
Professor Emerita of Economics
American University and the University of Maryland

“Joshua Coleman’s The Lazy Husband is absolutely the
best book on the subject to come out in over a decade.
Drawing on poignant and often humorous examples from
his therapeutic practice, Coleman offers practical
advice for women and men that can turn troubled
marriages into healthy partnerships. This is the best
HOW-TO book on the market for parents who want to solve
the problems that plague modern marriages.”
Scott Coltrane, Ph.D.
Dean at the University of Arts and Sciences
University of Oregon
Author, Family Man: Fatherhood, Housework, and Gender Equity

“Before becoming parents, many simply do not appreciate how important
the division of household labor is to couple and family well being.
Enabling parents to successfully navigate this challenging terrain is
what Joshua Coleman’s insightful Lazy Husbands is all about. I
enthusiastically recommend the book to all who want to improve their
family lives. ”
Professor Jay Belsky,
Director, Institute for the Study of Children,
Families and Social Issues, Birkbeck University of London
Author of “The Transition to Parenthood: How a First Child Changes a Marriage.”

“Coleman, the father of three and a practicing psychotherapist, offers
coherent but humane advice for fed-up femmes feeling less fatale and
more like indentured household drudges, depressed, overwhelmed, and
martyred. Coleman sensibly presents his suggestions in clear,
unemotional terms that the reader can use verbatim. Among topics
addressed: fairness, how to spot deliberate male incompetence, and
whether the fact that you make more money liberates you from diaper
duty. Coleman also does not shy away from those ugly marital truths that
the phrase “happily ever after” never mentions: power, money, control
and the fact that raising those blessed events — kids — can numb your
mind on occasion. Coleman is particularly good at addressing the
problems of living with an angry spouse and how people’s childhoods can
influence their parenting.”
USA Today

“…we highly recommend The Lazy Husband.  This is not a male-bashing book.
It reads more like a crash course in marriage….His book is a fast read, full of the
kind of “ah-ah! moments readers will appreciate and remember.”
The Oakland Tribune