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TODAY SHOW: When Parents Hurt

Dr. Coleman was on the Today Show July 6th, talking about parental estrangement. Click here to view the segment.

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Fighting in Front of the Children

Many parents worry about whether they’re hurting their kids by fighting in front of them. Join Dr. Coleman on View from the Bay as he discusses the Do’s and Don’ts!

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What are some tips for new step-families?

Coming into a step family or blended family can be a challenge for every member of the new family. The main thing to remember is that you are not there to replace the old family and its members. You are simply coming together to form a new family that may have separate values or traditions […]

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Stepmothering: What You Need to Know

Being a stepmother is hard, and often, thankless work. While some stepmothers are able to establish close and comfortable relationships, many struggle with the role. In addition, children are typically more tolerant and accepting of stepfathers than stepmothers. Here are some important reasons why stepmothering can be such a struggle:

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