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Webinar Recordings for Couples and Parents of Young Children

I am currently offering recordings and transcripts of my webinars for couples and parents of young children. Below is the list of topics. If you’d like to order scroll to the bottom of this post. 1) Is My Marriage or Relationship Hurting My Children? 2) Five Steps to Fighting Fair: Learning How to Manage Marital […]

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Radio Free Europe: Russia, The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present

Image via Wikipedia Well, if you live in Russia and speak Russian, I’ll be interviewed this Monday, April 5 at 11:30 AM, PST on Radio Free Europe on the topic of the changes that American women have made from the 1960s to the present. The show is broadcast from Prague into Russia. Fortunately for me, […]

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Your Difficult Child May Be Your Most Successful Child

Every parent with more than one child knows that similar parenting does not always produce similar children. Children come into the world genetically blessed or cursed with traits that may either serve them or put them into harm’s way. Recent research has helped identify the genes that cause some children to be more resilient regardless […]

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When Mom Earns More than Dad

Picture 17

NPR Talk of the Nation: How women’s increased economic and educational power are changing marriage.

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On Point: Tom Ashbrook Interviews Dr. Coleman and NYU Sociologist Kathleen Gerson


NPR: Tom Ashbrook interviews Dr Coleman and Kathleen Gerson on “Women Bringing Home the Bacon”

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Parenting As Theater: What Hurts Children and What Helps Them

Many parents worry that fighting in front of their children is fundamentally bad for them. I’d like to offer some thoughts about when it’s harmful and when it can actually be constructive for children: WHEN IS FIGHTING IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN BAD? 1) WHEN IT NEVER OR RARELY RESOLVES: One of most important things […]

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Dr. Coleman on SESAME STREET Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times

sesame street


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Work/Life and Kids: What Do Kids Really Think About Their Working Parents?

Wed., Feb 10, 10AM PST

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Council on Contemporary Families Conference

I’ll be speaking at the Council on Contemporary Families spring conference at Augustana College on Friday and Saturday April 16th, 2010 on the topic : Stay or Go For the Sake of the Kids

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Sports Apathy, SF Chronicle

All of this passion around football season makes me question my membership in the club of Male Identity. I assume it’s a bad sign that I find more stimulation going with my wife to the Nordstrom’s Petite section than I do crouched forward with my drunken friends, watching Jerry Rice snatch yet another touchdown in […]

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    AARP The Stranger in Your Family Dr. Coleman was interviewed in a recent AARP article by Meredith Maran on parental estrangement. To read the whole article go here: The Stranger in Your Family  

    Dual-Career Couples: Dr. Coleman Seminar at Harvard

    Dr. Coleman was invited to speak to the faculty and students on Dual-Career Couples at Harvard

    When Mom Earns More than Dad

    NPR Talk of the Nation: How women’s increased economic and educational power are changing marriage.

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