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Shifting Roles During the Economic Downturn

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View from the Bay: When She Earns More Than He

Image by Great Beyond via Flickr Watch Dr. Coleman when he returns to ABC Television’s View from the Bay on Wed. May 12th to talk about the effect on marriage when women earn more than men.

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Why Do Marriages Fail?

Lack of communication and not spending time  are two ways to thoroughly damage an otherwise healthy relationship.

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My Complaining Husband

Dr. Coleman, My question to you is how do I help my husband develop patience with our children? We have three boys: a two and half year old and one-year-old twins. I cut my job down to part-time to take away some of the stress for him. Right now, I try to do all and […]

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5 Steps to a Fair Fight

To be in a healthy relationship you have to be able to complain and to be able to hear your partner’s complaints. Knowing how to raise a complaint and work it through is a key survival skill. This will be the first in a 2-part series on conflict resolution. Today’s section is on setting the […]

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Now That We Are Parents, How Can We Keep Our Marriage Strong?

Having children opens a whole new area of your relationship. Make sure to work as a team to raise the child and doing house work. If one partner is bearing most of the responisbilites, it can make for a very stressful atmosphere which can be negative for the baby as well as the couple’s relationship.

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What are some tips to being a good husband?

Whether you want to are not, you should really express your feelings about things that make you feel vulnerable. Sharing your feelings with your spouse will help them feel closer to you and find deeper connections within your relationship.

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What if I think I married the wrong person?

With our divorce-happy culture, it is easy to give in to the belief that you have married the wrong person. Do not rush into a separation. Instead, go to personal counseling, go to couples counseling. Make an effort to save your marriage.

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Kids Can Ruin Marriage: Top 5 Things You Need to Know: Huffington Post

Here’s a potentially depressing fact: for many couples, marital satisfaction takes a huge plunge when they become parents and their marriages don’t reach pre-child levels of satisfaction until the kids are teens or go off to college. Yikes! Isn’t there something couples can do? Yes, and the studies show that when couples do these things, […]

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Top 5 Signs You May be Heading for Divorce

Studies show that people typically wait six years too long to get into couple’s therapy. I am an eternal optimist, but waiting to get help is a dangerous undertaking. It allows too much time to build up new experiences of hurt, resentment, or alienation; experiences that can weaken the long-term bond of a relationship.

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