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Strangers at Our Table, SF Chronicle

Holiday gatherings are supposed to be a time to eat heartily and bask in the presence of our loved ones. So why do many of us leave the table feeling empty?

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AOL Coaches: How Can Sharing Household Chores Benefit My Relationship?


Joshua Coleman, AOL Kids and Family Coach, explains how small changes in the way you divide household chores can help improve relations with your partner.

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Sports Apathy, SF Chronicle

All of this passion around football season makes me question my membership in the club of Male Identity. I assume it’s a bad sign that I find more stimulation going with my wife to the Nordstrom’s Petite section than I do crouched forward with my drunken friends, watching Jerry Rice snatch yet another touchdown in […]

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The Chore Wars: 8 Steps to a Happier Household

Couples often fight about housework and it can get ugly. Studies show that women who do an unfair burden of housework are more at risk for depression and physical illness. They’re also more likely to fantasize about divorce. However, today’s men are doing much more housework than their fathers ever did and often feel unappreciated […]

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Set Limits or Let it Ride?

My husband and I have an ongoing discussion about limit setting. He feels like I’m too loose with our kids and I feel like he’s too strict. What’s the balance? 

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Making Amends to your Grown Child: Why You Need To

As a psychologist, I am privy to the gaping distance of understanding that so many parents feel with their adult children. Many of these parents are in enormous pain. In some cases, their children have cut off contact with them for years, while others for only a few months. Some for obvious crimes of parenting […]

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Lindsey, Paris and Britney: It’s All Your Mother’s Fault! Huffington Post

Jamie Lee Curtis recently wrote in the Huffington Post that the problems with Paris, and, presumably, Britney and Lindsay, can be explained by bad mothering. According to the numerous posts about her article, most people found her analysis spot on. I could see why: Paris’s mother laughed at the judge when he handed down her […]

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Kids Can Ruin Marriage: Top 5 Things You Need to Know: Huffington Post

Here’s a potentially depressing fact: for many couples, marital satisfaction takes a huge plunge when they become parents and their marriages don’t reach pre-child levels of satisfaction until the kids are teens or go off to college. Yikes! Isn’t there something couples can do? Yes, and the studies show that when couples do these things, […]

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Fighting and Biting

Ah summer morning… the robins and finches twittering in the elms, the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, warm breeze coming through the screen door and the sound of my twin boys trying to kill each other in the living room. “You idiot!” “Get off me! Urggh, get off me!!” “Da-uh-ad!! He kicked me!!” […]

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When I Was Your Age, I Was an Adult! Huffington Post

I saw this caption in a recent New Yorker cartoon and thought that it captured the way that so many of today’s parents feel about their grown children. Have children become lazier? I don’t think so. When I was growing up, you didn’t have to go to college to be able to get a decent […]

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