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Sesame Street


Shifting Roles During the Economic Downturn

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Girls’ Sports Matter

Some parents wonder about whether high school athletics serve any long-term purpose. Apparently, for high school girls they do. According to a recent study cited in the NYT’s by columnist Tara Parker-Pope, women who competed in high school sports, did better later in life in terms of health, education, and economics than girls who didn’t […]

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What Do Kids Really Think About Their Working Parents?

On Feb 10th,  I was on Fem2.0 Blog Radio with host Ellen Galinsky and guest Lisa Belkin.  Ellen Galinsky is President and Co-Founder of the Families and Work Institute and author of the forthcoming book, MINDS IN THE MAKING: The Seven Essential Skills Every Child Must Learn (HarperStudio). Lisa Belkin is a New York Times […]

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On Point: Tom Ashbrook Interviews Dr. Coleman and NYU Sociologist Kathleen Gerson


NPR: Tom Ashbrook interviews Dr Coleman and Kathleen Gerson on “Women Bringing Home the Bacon”

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John Stossel Interviews Dr. Coleman on 20-20, Men, Parenting and Housework


Discusses Dr. Coleman’s book “The Lazy Husband: How to Get Men to Do More Parenting and Housework.” Also shows Dr. Coleman’s work with 2 couples.

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NY Times: Working Women Say Their Marriage Is Richer For It


NY Times: Working Women Say Their Marriage Is Richer For It

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Work/Life and Kids: What Do Kids Really Think About Their Working Parents?

Wed., Feb 10, 10AM PST

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