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Sesame Street


Shifting Roles During the Economic Downturn

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Strangers at Our Table, SF Chronicle

Holiday gatherings are supposed to be a time to eat heartily and bask in the presence of our loved ones. So why do many of us leave the table feeling empty?

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Advice for Couples: How to Ruin Your Sex Life

1) Never go out on dates. 2) When you do go out on dates, talk about all of the problems that exist in your partner or your relationship. 3) Criticize your partner’s body. Men, you’ll find this especially effective if you’d like a bad sex life with your wife or girlfriend. 4) Bring up a […]

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Advice for Couples: Self-Soothing

One of the most important behaviors that you have to learn to be in a couple is the ability to soothe yourself when you get hurt or provoked.  If you grew up in a family that was chaotic or where there was ongoing neglect or abuse, this will likely require more effort on your part […]

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Fighting in Front of the Children

Many parents worry about whether they’re hurting their kids by fighting in front of them. Join Dr. Coleman on View from the Bay as he discusses the Do’s and Don’ts!

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My Partner Will Not Respect Me

If your spouse is critical, verbally abusive, or an overall poor communicator, the first thing you need to do is get his or her attention.

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What Should I Do in the Middle of a Fight?

Taking a “time out” from a fight is a great way to give yourselves time to clam down and collect your thoughts.

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Set Limits or Let it Ride?

My husband and I have an ongoing discussion about limit setting. He feels like I’m too loose with our kids and I feel like he’s too strict. What’s the balance? 

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How Do We Have a Fair Fight?

There are several steps to keep in mind when fighting fair. It is important to explain your point of view to your partner in a calm and respectful way in order to keep the argument civilized.

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