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Radio Free Europe: Infidelity in the U.S.

Image via Wikipedia Dr. Coleman will be speaking to host Irene Bakchanyan on attitudes toward infidelity in the U.S. on Monday May 17.

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Telling the Children That You Are Going to Divorce

Dear Dr. Coleman, I recently saw your appearance on ABC-TV where you stated that it is important for both parents, no matter what the circumstances leading to deciding to divorce, to tell the children it is a mutual decision. I can understand your reason for this yet I have this question. For me, choosing to […]

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Sex Addiction: Is it For Real?

There was a good article recently in The New York Times titled, “When is It Sex Addiction?” The article featured 3 experts weighing in on what distinguishes sexual addiction from simple opportunistic behavior. Personally, I’m a little bored by politicians and celebrities hiding behind the language of disease processes to defend their actions. In the […]

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Advice for Couples: How to Ruin Your Sex Life

1) Never go out on dates. 2) When you do go out on dates, talk about all of the problems that exist in your partner or your relationship. 3) Criticize your partner’s body. Men, you’ll find this especially effective if you’d like a bad sex life with your wife or girlfriend. 4) Bring up a […]

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Advice for Couples: Self-Soothing

One of the most important behaviors that you have to learn to be in a couple is the ability to soothe yourself when you get hurt or provoked.  If you grew up in a family that was chaotic or where there was ongoing neglect or abuse, this will likely require more effort on your part […]

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Talking with Kids About Infidelity

What do you tell your kids when they find out that one of their parents has had an affair? How does the discover of an affair affect a child? Can families ever recover? Listen to the recording of Dr. Coleman and psychotherapist Susan Berger, MFT on Childhood Matters Radio with host Rona Renner KISS 98.1FM […]

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Healing from an Affair

If your marriage or relationship is struggling with the aftermath of an affair, read Dr. Coleman’s article in Greater Good Magazine. Many relationships can be saved after an affair, but it requires that both people work hard to heal the relationship. This article shows you the steps you need to take in order to do […]

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Dealing with an Affair

Twins Magazine Dr. Coleman, I am a mother of two young boys. I recently discovered that my husband has been having an affair with someone he works with for the past few months. When I confronted him about it, he promised to break it off and said it isn’t serious. I’m in shock because I […]

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How do I save my relationship after an affair?

After an affair, the first thing you must try to understand is how deeply you’ve hurt your partner.

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