Charlie Gibson of Good Morning America interviews Dr. Coleman on Men, Housework, and Parenting

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Today Show: Being in Love

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TODAY SHOW: When Parents Hurt

Dr. Coleman was on the Today Show July 6th, talking about parental estrangement. Click here to view the segment.

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BOOK REVIEW: “Not Under My Roof: Parents, Teens, and the Culture of Sex,” Amy Schalet, Ph.D.

The notion of a rebellious teen driven by hormones and an undeveloped brain is so much a part of our ongoing cultural narrative that we assume its universality. But, what if this construction of adolescence is more cultural than universal?

In a fascinating new book, Not Under My Roof: Parents, Teens, and the Culture of Sex, University of Massachusetts sociologist Amy Schalet examines this question by asking both American and Dutch parents the question: “Would you ever let your teenager’s boyfriend or girlfriend sleep over?” She finds that while the vast majority of parents here say no way, the vast majority of parents there give a qualified yes.

Oh, those Dutch, you say. With their hashish cafes, their acceptance of prostitution, their non-punitive approach to drug addiction. Of course they’re going to be loose about that. What aren’t they loose about? And yet, as Schalet demonstrates, the Dutch attitude toward the sleepover (like their more tolerant approach to adolescent alcohol use) reveals a very careful and measured approach to parenting.

And that approach reveals fundamental differences in how our two cultures view the construction of the individual and the role of society at large. These differences are especially interesting because there are many ways that the two cultures are quite similar:  Like us, the Dutch developed a governmental system based on a liberation from an outside power (Spain, in their case), have powerful middle classes, experienced a sexual revolution in the 1960s, and are proud individualists.

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Webinar Recordings for Couples and Parents of Young Children

I am currently offering recordings and transcripts of my webinars for couples and parents of young children. Below is the list of topics. If you’d like to order scroll to the bottom of this post.

1) Is My Marriage or Relationship Hurting My Children?

2) Five Steps to Fighting Fair: Learning How to Manage Marital or Couple Conflict

3) Why Children Can Change Marriage for the Worse: And What You Can Do to Protect Yours

4) The Worried Child: Helping Your Child Overcome Irrational Fears and Preoccupations

5) The Angry and Explosive Child: Balancing Love and Limits

6) Parenting Your Difficult Teenager: Drugs, Internet, Rebelliousness and Moodiness

7) The Worried Adult: Five Steps to Managing Worry, Preoccupation, and Fear

To learn more, to order individual seminars or to order the full series, go here

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