Council on Contemporary Families Conference

I’ll be speaking at the Council on Contemporary Families spring conference at Augustana College on Friday and Saturday April 16th, 2010 on the topic : Stay or Go For the Sake of the Kids

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    Is there a conference in 2011 or in 2012?

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    Thats what i was looking for a long time. I have to make a presentation at a congress in germany and this informations was what i need. Thx a lot.

  4. Patrice
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    If he were my kid… I wouldn’t give him a lot of money in the first place. I wouldn’t put him in the hospital to have him lock up. There was a sign… if my kid did lousy in school. I would make sure he got tutor and I would do whatever to make sure he does well in school. He wouldn’t be a dropout. Because I have Treacher Collins Syndrome. I finished high school when I was age 20. I never gave up, even tho my teachers kept pushing me back. But I finally graduated from high school. I struggled 13 years in colleges. And I got 2 college degrees. I would tell my kid he has no reason, no excuse to drop out of school. Because if I can graduated with a diploma and 2 college degrees with my bad grammar and low IQ… then he can too.

    His parents probably didn’t help him much. His father is a LOSER, he doesn’t have a job… but the mother has a job she is paying the bills and was taking care of 2 grown men. I don’t think it is the kid’s fault. I blame the parents. I very much believe they weren’t good parents at all.

    My father never took care of me when I was a child. He never paid child support. My mother claimed she kept him away from me and my older sister, because he never pay child support. My mother is driving me up the wall. She
    keeps giving me money… She has never taught me to be independent. She even put me in tax form paper as dependent, so she can get more tax return. My sister hates me, despises me… my mother never taught her to be kind to me, she always allows my sister to go against me. My sister is pretty… she will never understand my situation…. My dad was a high school drop out and never kept a job longer. Now he is dead… at age 60. I am so glad he is gone… because he kept asking ME FOR MONEY!!!

    So anyway… I moved to Los Angeles…. in 2008. I am doing whatever I can to stay in Los ANgeles. Yes I am conning. Because being honest won’t get me anywhere. My mom told me to keep in contact with my Uncle and Aunt… so I did. My uncle and aunt think I am there in Los Angeles because of THEM. I am not. I am in Los ANgeles, close to Hollywood so I can make film. They really live about 2 hours away from Los Angeles, they live near Compton (carson city). They asked why I didn’t live close near to them, (oh man they are flattering themselves). I asked my uncle and aunt to keep my mother’s car there on the driveway… and they said okay. Then after I turned around, they damaged the windows and my side view window. They think I cursed their 2 daughters… they both died of cancer. I don’t know any witchcraft. I only know some astrology, but astrology isn’t witchcraft… SIGH. So I went to VR (Vocational Rehab) to help me get a job. And VR said that Goodwill will contact me for to get job training (paying)… so I am happy about that. So I went and got the car and I had to lie to the police that somebody vandalize my car… NO I won’t tell on my Aunt and Uncle. So anyway… I took the car to the auto shop and told the insurance company the same story I told the police, but I pretended to be my mother, because it is my mother’s insurance. Insurance company mailed me the insurance check… but the check was in my mother’s name. I thought it was going to be directly to the auto shop. So I can’t cash the check and I don’t have $600 to pay for the repair. My mother accused me of damage the car.
    I told her that my crazy Aunt and Uncle damaged the car, she doesn’t believe her perfect CHRISTIAN Aunt and Uncle damage the car. But she thinks I the bad sheep of the family, imperfect, girl with a deformed face messed up the car.
    My sister told me Nobody cares about me. and I should leave HER FAMILY ALONE!!!

    So what I did was leave my mom’s car at the body shop and I disconnected the phone…. because I know my mother love to call me almost everyday. I decided that it is unhealthy to be with them. They are messing up my head. Screwing up my life. It is better to stay away from those people.
    JARED should have done the same thing…. I understand his situation. I really do. He is 22… and it is scary, that I would have been like him…. but I made the right choice at age 26, I went back to college. And study and study and study… 4 years later I got my 1st college degree in business, and 3 years later, I got my 2nd degree in film. So right now I will be concentrating on working at Goodwill, getting some job training and I will save up money to BUY MY OWN CAR with my name on MY TITLE. I will learn to be INDEPENDENT.
    I haven’t talk to my mom and family since January 10. I am 40 years old. Plus I will save money to make a film… and will submit my film to film festival. That is my dream and my goal!!!!

    So you should have “What if THEY were your FAMILY?” post.


    Tuesday Sept 8th @ 5:30 PDT/8:30 EST