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We’ll kick off a new webinar series this Tuesday May 12TH at 530PM PDT, 830 EST (2015) with a FREE WEBINAR: FIVE MOST COMMON MISTAKES OF ESTRANGED PARENTS. REGISTER HERE.

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Dr. Coleman on Today Show

A mother and son talk about estrangement from each of their perspectives. Dr. Coleman is then interviewed by Savannah Guthrie

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Sesame Street

Shifting Roles During the Economic Downturn

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Parents of Mentally Ill Children: “What If He Were Your Kid?”

Dr. Coleman was asked by to write a piece about the parents of Jared Loughner and other parents who have had similar kinds of struggles. Here it is:

What if he were your kid? You wouldn’t raise that kind of kid. You’d know the signs and get help. You’d have spotted it early on and gotten help for him right away. You would’ve seen the warnings and acted before it became the national tragedy that it did. Good parents don’t raise those kinds of kids.
But, what if you’re a good parent and you didn’t see the signs and you did raise that kind of kid, or at least some kid like that? Read More »

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Family Estrangements and Facebook

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...

Dr. Coleman was interviewed by journalist Catherine Saint Louis for an article on the ways that social media complicates estrangement. To read the article go here

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AARP: When Your Kid Divorces You

AARP The Stranger in Your Family

Dr. Coleman was interviewed in a recent AARP article by Meredith Maran on parental estrangement. To read the whole article go here: The Stranger in Your Family


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Charlie Gibson of Good Morning America interviews Dr. Coleman on Men, Housework, and Parenting

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Today Show: Being in Love

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Webinar Recordings for Couples and Parents of Young Children

I am currently offering recordings and transcripts of my webinars for couples and parents of young children. Below is the list of topics. If you’d like to order scroll to the bottom of this post.

1) Is My Marriage or Relationship Hurting My Children?

2) Five Steps to Fighting Fair: Learning How to Manage Marital or Couple Conflict

3) Why Children Can Change Marriage for the Worse: And What You Can Do to Protect Yours

4) The Worried Child: Helping Your Child Overcome Irrational Fears and Preoccupations

5) The Angry and Explosive Child: Balancing Love and Limits

6) Parenting Your Difficult Teenager: Drugs, Internet, Rebelliousness and Moodiness

7) The Worried Adult: Five Steps to Managing Worry, Preoccupation, and Fear

To learn more, to order individual seminars or to order the full series, go here

Read More »

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Radio Free Europe: Infidelity in the U.S.

Hello Hello Europe
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Dr. Coleman will be speaking to host Irene Bakchanyan on attitudes toward infidelity in the U.S. on Monday May 17.

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    Tuesday May 12h @ 5:30 PST