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PBS Life Part 2: Cut Off from the Grandkids

PBS, Life Part 2: Boomer Grandparenting

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TODAY SHOW: When Parents Hurt

Dr. Coleman was on the Today Show July 6th, talking about parental estrangement. Click here to view the segment.

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View from the Bay: When She Earns More Than He

Day 216/365 - Make BIG money!
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Watch Dr. Coleman when he returns to ABC Television’s View from the Bay on Wed. May 12th to talk about the effect on marriage when women earn more than men.

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Fighting in Front of the Children

Many parents worry about whether they’re hurting their kids by fighting in front of them. Join Dr. Coleman on View from the Bay as he discusses the Do’s and Don’ts!

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How to Tell Your Kids You Are Getting Divorced: Janelle Wang and Spencer Christian Interview

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John Stossel Interviews Dr. Coleman on 20-20, Men, Parenting and Housework

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Discusses Dr. Coleman’s book “The Lazy Husband: How to Get Men to Do More Parenting and Housework.” Also shows Dr. Coleman’s work with 2 couples.

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When Parents Hurt: Parental Alienation: View from the Bay

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Dr. Coleman on SESAME STREET Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times

To see the full one-hour documentary go to

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What if I think I married the wrong person?

With our divorce-happy culture, it is easy to give in to the belief that you have married the wrong person. Do not rush into a separation. Instead, go to personal counseling, go to couples counseling. Make an effort to save your marriage.

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Stepchildren Who Resent Their Stepparents

Though it is very important for your children to see you forming new, healthy relationships with the ones around you, it is also important that they get to spend time with you as their parent. Sometimes step fathers or step mothers are so worried about bonding with their new step children that they sometimes neglect their own children by mistake. Remember to communicate with you children about their thought and feeling so that no one gets hurt in the process of forming the new family.

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