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Dual-Career Couples: Dr. Coleman Seminar at Harvard

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Dr. Coleman was invited to give a talk to the faculty and students on Dual-Career Couples at Harvard. He discussed his clinical experience working with dual-career couples and also  what research tells us about how couples and their children can benefit from sharing financial and household responsibilities.

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San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group

I’ll be speaking at the International Conference of the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group on March 3. My topic is Solving Conflicts Between Parents and Adult Children.

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Appearances: 2005

January 18
Twin Valley Mothers of Twins Club

January 25th, 1:40 PST
CKLW Radio

February 14th
KTVU “Mornings on 2 (Fox News Channel)
Tuesday, February 22
Ruth Kozlak Radio Program in St. Paul, Minnesota

Friday, February 11
ABC Good Morning America

Thurday, February 24
ABC News Radio

Monday, February 28
Redwood City Mother’s Club

March. 10
Couples Quandries: Gender, Parenting and Housework
International Conference for the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group

Friday, March. 18
ABC 20/20

March 18
Ddouble segment narrated by John Stossel from the set of Desperate Housewives
LA Mornings (Fox TV, Channel 11)

April 3.
Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, Holy Names College

April 4
Moderating 2 panels
Today Show (Australia)
10:15 and one at 11:30

April 21
Interview with Gerry Adams
Irish National Radio

April 30
The Saturday Magazine
BBC Radio, Ulster

Tues, May 3rd
Soap Talk
ABC Television

May 18
Interview with Sharon Hughes
before interview with Richard Civaro, who plays “Carlos” on “Desperate Housewives”
Changing Worldviews Talk Radio

June 6
The Today Show
Australia TV

June 8
Burlingame Mothers’ Club

June 18th
Keeping Your Marriage Strong. All Day Seminar.
Corte Madera, CA

June 23
Life Matters Radio
ABC Australia

June 26.
RESOLVE Conferece on Infertility Letting Go of Biological Ties

July 20
Smartmarriages Conference
Dallas, Texas

August 1
San Diego

August 17
KSVY Conversations with Katy Radio Show

September 1
Walnut Creek Mother’s Club

October 4
Interview with Al Roker, David Gregory, and Harriet Cole
The Today Show

October 10
Las Madras Mother’s Club

October 20
Belmont Mother’s Club

November 4

November 22
Workshop with Barbara Flores on Writing Non-fiction

Interview with Dr. Lynn Lampert, Voice of America Health and Wellness
Voice of America Radio

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