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Dr. Coleman on Minnesota NPR: Men Are Stepping Up at Home

Hear Dr. Coleman’s interview with host Marianne Combs on Men Are Stepping Up at Home. He was joined by U. of Oregon sociologist, Scott Coltrane in the first half hour, author of the excellent book, FAMILY MAN: Fatherhood, Housework, and Gender Equity and noted Stanford sociologist Paula England.
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When Parents Hurt: On the Radio

Join Dr. Coleman and radio host psychologist Chris Blazina as they talk about parental estrangement on blog talk radio’s The Secret Lives of Men. Show will air Tues., Apr 27 at 12PM, PST.

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Cohabitation: From Confusion to Clarity

Join Dr. Coleman as he participates in a telewebinar, Cohabitation: From Confusion to Clarity with psychologist, Dr John Curtis, author of “Happily Unmarried,” Mike McManus, President and Co-Chair of Marriage Savers, and University of Denver senior researcher Dr Galena Rhoades.

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What Do Kids Really Think About Their Working Parents?

On Feb 10th,  I was on Fem2.0 Blog Radio with host Ellen Galinsky and guest Lisa Belkin.  Ellen Galinsky is President and Co-Founder of the Families and Work Institute and author of the forthcoming book, MINDS IN THE MAKING: The Seven Essential Skills Every Child Must Learn (HarperStudio). Lisa Belkin is a New York Times Magazine writer and author of the popular Motherlode blog at the New York Times. She is also the author of three books, including “Life’s Work: Confessions of an Unbalanced Mom.” It was a really stimulating discussion and I highly recommend it.

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How to Tell Your Kids You Are Getting Divorced: Janelle Wang and Spencer Christian Interview

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When Parents Hurt: Parental Alienation: View from the Bay

YouTube Preview Image
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AOL Coaches: How Can Sharing Household Chores Benefit My Relationship?

Joshua Coleman, AOL Kids and Family Coach, explains how small changes in the way you divide household chores can help improve relations with your partner.

How Can Sharing Household Chores Benefit My Relationship?

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What are some tips for new step-families?

Coming into a step family or blended family can be a challenge for every member of the new family. The main thing to remember is that you are not there to replace the old family and its members. You are simply coming together to form a new family that may have separate values or traditions than the previous families.

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Now That We Are Parents, How Can We Keep Our Marriage Strong?

Having children opens a whole new area of your relationship. Make sure to work as a team to raise the child and doing house work. If one partner is bearing most of the responisbilites, it can make for a very stressful atmosphere which can be negative for the baby as well as the couple’s relationship.

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What Are the Five Most Important Rules for a Good Marriage?

Marriage requires you to be 100% selfish and 100% selfless. You have to make sure all of your own needs are attended to, but you also have to ensure that all of your partner’s needs are met as well.

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