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AARP: When Your Kid Divorces You

AARP The Stranger in Your Family

Dr. Coleman was interviewed in a recent AARP article by Meredith Maran on parental estrangement. To read the whole article go here: The Stranger in Your Family


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PBS Life Part 2: Cut Off from the Grandkids

PBS, Life Part 2: Boomer Grandparenting

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Dual-Career Couples: Dr. Coleman Seminar at Harvard

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Dr. Coleman was invited to give a talk to the faculty and students on Dual-Career Couples at Harvard. He discussed his clinical experience working with dual-career couples and also  what research tells us about how couples and their children can benefit from sharing financial and household responsibilities.

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When Mom Earns More than Dad

TALK OF THE NATION: How is women’s increased economic and educational power changing the family?

FEB 4: Rebecca Roberts interviews Dr. Coleman and Chicago Tribune’s Amy Dickinson

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On Point: Tom Ashbrook Interviews Dr. Coleman and NYU Sociologist Kathleen Gerson

Tom Ashbrook interviewed Dr Coleman and NYU Sociologist Kathleen Gerson on “Women Bringing Home the Bacon”

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    Tuesday Sept 8th @ 5:30 PDT/8:30 EST