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Dr. Coleman on Today Show April 1

A mother and son talk about estrangement from each of their perspectives. Dr. Coleman is then interviewed by Savannah Guthrie

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Parents of Mentally Ill Children: “What If He Were Your Kid?”

Dr. Coleman was asked by to write a piece about the parents of Jared Loughner and other parents who have had similar kinds of struggles. Here it is:

What if he were your kid? You wouldn’t raise that kind of kid. You’d know the signs and get help. You’d have spotted it early on and gotten help for him right away. You would’ve seen the warnings and acted before it became the national tragedy that it did. Good parents don’t raise those kinds of kids.
But, what if you’re a good parent and you didn’t see the signs and you did raise that kind of kid, or at least some kid like that? Read More »

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AARP: When Your Kid Divorces You

AARP The Stranger in Your Family

Dr. Coleman was interviewed in a recent AARP article by Meredith Maran on parental estrangement. To read the whole article go here: The Stranger in Your Family


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PBS Life Part 2: Cut Off from the Grandkids

PBS, Life Part 2: Boomer Grandparenting

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Read More »

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TODAY SHOW: When Parents Hurt

Dr. Coleman was on the Today Show July 6th, talking about parental estrangement. Click here to view the segment.

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Dual-Career Couples: Dr. Coleman Seminar at Harvard

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Dr. Coleman was invited to give a talk to the faculty and students on Dual-Career Couples at Harvard. He discussed his clinical experience working with dual-career couples and also  what research tells us about how couples and their children can benefit from sharing financial and household responsibilities.

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Dr. Coleman on Minnesota NPR: Men Are Stepping Up at Home

Father and Son
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Hear Dr. Coleman’s interview with host Marianne Combs on Men Are Stepping Up at Home. He was joined by U. of Oregon sociologist, Scott Coltrane in the first half hour, author of the excellent book, FAMILY MAN: Fatherhood, Housework, and Gender Equity and noted Stanford sociologist Paula England.

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When Parents Hurt: On the Radio

Join Dr. Coleman and radio host psychologist Chris Blazina as they talk about parental estrangement on blog talk radio’s The Secret Lives of Men. Show will air Tues., Apr 27 at 12PM, PST.

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View from the Bay: When She Earns More Than He

Day 216/365 - Make BIG money!
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Watch Dr. Coleman when he returns to ABC Television’s View from the Bay on Wed. May 12th to talk about the effect on marriage when women earn more than men.

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Cohabitation: From Confusion to Clarity

Join Dr. Coleman as he participates in a telewebinar, Cohabitation: From Confusion to Clarity with psychologist, Dr John Curtis, author of “Happily Unmarried,” Mike McManus, President and Co-Chair of Marriage Savers, and University of Denver senior researcher Dr Galena Rhoades.

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